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Decked Out

Decked Out

With the summer coming right around the corner, it’s time to get the barbecue prepared! And why not grill up some steaks on a new deck? There’s no time like the present so let’s get building! But before you begin, make sure you read these easy steps and tips, in order for the outcome to be pure perfection.

Get reading! The more you know, the better. Remember: knowledge IS power so be sure to hit up some book stores and soak it all in. There are TONS of books out there so at least get a specific design in mind that you’re aiming to achieve. Some might even provide you with a step-by-step process? Either way, the designs are all similar in terms of the basics and support required to create a durable deck. Always relate the design back to the purpose of the deck: For personal use? For entertaining a lot of people? Think about it.

Now that you’ve figured out the design, it’s time to do a bit of number crunching. Some books will provide you with an estimate in terms of costs, while others will even precisely tell you the exact amount of wood you will need. So it all depends.. Regardless, it’s a great time to figure out whether or not that design you dream about is doable for your budget. Also before starting, you will need to have precise diagrams and measurements.

Do you need a permit for this minor addition? Will it require any kind of approval? Now would be a good time to find out in order to avoid unnecessary penalties. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Now the fun begins: THE SHOPPING! Even though it’s for lumber, it’s still fun right? Depending on the size of the deck you’re going to build, you might want to consider having the wood delivered to you. Other tools and materials that you’ll need to borrow/buy include: a measuring tape, an electrical saw, a drill, 4×4 posts, cement, round tubes, joists, deck-building brackets, screws and/or nails, bolts, finished-planking or surface material, railing materials, steps, lattice, stain and/or weather-proofing products, and a level.

There are mainly two types of wood to choose from when building a new deck: pressure-treated lumber or cedar. Pressure-treated is the most common and it is specifically treated to provide a longer shelf life OR there’s also cedar, which is a bit more costly but more of an aesthetic choice.

Start with the foundation, then create the support frames. Those are both major projects so pay particular attention to building them right because they will take up a good chunk of your time. Next come the stairs, then place the deck-surface wood. Finally, the railings and in the end, comes the staining or painting. I recommend using a waterproofing material as it will add to the longevity of the wood.

Don’t be discouraged if in the process of things, you notice the design changes. Once your deck starts to take a three-dimentional shape, you may develop some new ideas or see some new potential that you did not see earlier. As long as it fits within your budget, go for it!

Your deck can become a gorgeous extension to your home so give it the proper attention it deserves.


Carly Salvetti

Carly brings a unique combination of compassion and skill to the Vancouver Property Group team. She is a highly enthusiastic individual with a pure love for helping others.

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Carly Salvetti
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