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Centre Stage

Centre Stage

First impressions of a home matter significantly and you only get ONE chance to make it count. So, it’s important that you set the stage for an amazing production to your audience: potential buyers. It will help ensure you receive top dollar for home and are able to sell it as quickly as possible. Here are some tips on making that GREAT first impression!

The outside of your home can indicate volumes about what the inside of the home will be like. Make sure that the front yard and garden are kept in top notch shape. Spruce up those flower beds with vibrant colours and make sure all areas are kept clean and tidy. After all, a tidy home is an inviting home and that is the feeling you want EVERY visitor to feel.

The best things in life ARE free, but that does not mean that all of your things need to be kept on display. Remove as much clutter as possible and ensure that the things you don’t remove are well organized. Having a mess will make the room feel much smaller and indicate to potential buyers that there is a lack of storage. LESS IS MORE, so if need be, remove any bulky furniture pieces from the room as well.

But you should also remove any and all personal items and photographs. I am SURE that your family is beautiful but listing your home is all about appealing to the buyer. They want to be picturing THEIR family living there, not yours. Other items that should be removed include: bills and personal papers, money, valuables, and personal medication.

Fix any little things around the house because they will likely be spotted by potential buyers and can easily turn them away. The two most common issues are leaky taps and wall marks. FIX THOSE PLEASE!

If a larger renovation is not within your budget, consider updating the light fixtures. Lighting will make a space look bigger and the modern light fixtures will also be more appealing to buyers.

No need to think of updating the colour schemes in the home the to the latest trends. Instead, go for a lighter colour palette which, combined with new lighting fixtures, will add to the illusion of more space. Just remember: a little bit goes a long way!

Don’t just make things appealing and easy on the eyes, go beyond that and entice ALL five senses. Bring in some fresh flowers, light some candles and turn on some soft music.

Give YOUR home the best chance of selling for top dollar by implementing the little things that will make a BIG difference!


Carly Salvetti

Carly brings a unique combination of compassion and skill to the Vancouver Property Group team. She is a highly enthusiastic individual with a pure love for helping others.

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